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Going On A Trip? These Are The Best Travel Cameras

Planning to take a trip? Confused about what camera to take to capture all those lovely bon voyage moments? Well then here we are with the latest options for you to choose from! Photographs helps us bring back memories from the travels which are to be cherished forever. So, before you set out on your voyage, take your pick and click away!

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1. Panasonic Lumix ZS100 / TZ100

Panasonic brings to you their premium travel camera Panasonic Lumix ZS100 / TZ100. It is specially designed for all your travel needs and its large sensor (1.0-inch) comes with a resolution of 20.1 MP which is deemed to be perfect for your photographs. Apart from the sensor, some of its other facilities include 4K movies, Fixed rear display, easy control system, Wi-Fi transfer feature, and Limited 10x zoom lens.

Another amazing feature includes ‘later-edit option’ for people who like taking raw clicks and working on them later after their trip is over! Panasonic has recently launched another latest model in this series- ZS200 / TZ200.

2. Olympus TG-5

Olympus TG-5 is excellent for travelers going underwater or on any other marine-based voyages. It can withstand water and can be tossed around with no threats whatsoever! It is a compact model with crush-proof, shockproof, and freeze-proof features, suitable for camera enthusiasts. It comes with a 12-megapixel camera sensor and strong credentials. In comparison to its earlier models, it can effectively take raw pictures with lower noise irritations and higher quality! Some great deals are available on Amazon and Flipkart for those who wish to check it out! Its average customer rating is 4.5/5!

3. Sony Cyber-Shot HX99

Sony Cyber-shot HX99 comes with features like Cramped controls, Built-in EVF, Tilting touchscreen, and Low-res viewfinder. It is suitable for beginners or intermediate level of photography. Its most important essentials are 1/2.3-inch & 18.2MP sensor, camera zoom is 30x optical, and 4k movies. It also offers ‘edit-later option’ with an option to capture pictures raw at the moment and edit them later at your convenience. 

Clicks might not be as great as you want them to be since the resolution is only workable, hence, it is not the right pick for advanced level photographers. However, it is definitely not a bad option as an affordable travel camera.

4. GoPro HERO7

GoPros are basically high-resolution cameras used for all shooting purposes. They are advisable for capturing moving pictures and are easy to handle. GoPro HERO7 is basically a travel camera meant for action shooting. Anywhere you go, this camera will not budge. It is waterproof, compact, and extremely durable. GoPro in general never cease to amaze its users. Their image quality is top notch and captures are remarkable. Hence, it is suitable for trips which are very adventurous and where the action is involved.

Its name itself suggests its capacity! It is currently available for only $399 in the market.

5. Canon SX740HS

Canon SX740HS is the successor of the very successful Canon SX720HS. These are both compact cameras, very efficient for travel photography. It is currently priced at $379 only. As the name suggests, the optical zoom capacity of the camera is 40x and it can shoot in 4K video. It is small, so easy to carry around and it comes with an excellent color grading feature. It is a recent model as it only released last year around December.

The manual settings available with Canon work very well when you wish to explore your camera capacities and work on your photography skills. It is one of the best affordable cameras available out there!

Smartphones might not always give you the captures you wish to have. Their capabilities are limited, and even great high-resolution camera phones can’t exactly match up to the experience of travel cameras. So, select the one you like the most and start clicking!

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